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Entenda a importância de se fazer backup em fitas magnéticas

Why choose tape backup?

Tape backup is a traditional and still widely used method of data storage that involves recording digital data on magnetic tapes. Although it may seem like an old technology, tape backup offers several advantages, especially for long-term storage and backing up large volumes of data. One of the most commonly used backup tapes is the LTO tape. You can learn

Hd danificado perto do notebook de um técnico que entende como recuperar dados de um hd queimado
Recuperar dados hd queimado

How to Recover Data from a Burned Hard Drive

When a hard drive burns out, the data stored on it may seem irretrievably lost. However, there are effective methods to recover data from a burned hard drive and save crucial information. In this article, we will explain how this can be done and how Digital Recovery can help you recover your data safely and quickly. Keep reading to discover

Recuperação de máquinas virtuais excluídas acidentalmente

Recover Deleted Virtual Machine from a Database

Digital Recovery’s database data recovery brings back your important information. We recover your database. Whether it is an SQL, MDX, or another type of database, we reconstruct the most challenging data loss cases. Even if your environment consists of many nested systems (e.g., RAID -> volumes -> partition -> virtual hard disks -> partition -> folder structure -> database) and

Linux Datenwiederherstellung

Data recovery in Linux

Have you lost data on a Linux device? Then you’ve come to the right place, as Digital Recovery specializes in Linux data recovery over the years and has successfully completed thousands of data recoveries. Customer opinions on Linux Data Recovery “A Digital Recovery Datenrettung has proven to be an absolutely reliable partner and recovered our company’s HP RAID at Egon


What is the importance of ejecting a USB flash drive?

Did you know this? You just saved data to a USB flash drive and now you need to leave quickly. The temptation is strong to simply pull the flash drive out quickly. Do you need to eject the USB flash drive now? In this context, clients often ask us the following question: “Is it really important to eject my USB


Data recovery on an HP Proliant server

Digital Recovery is a specialist in data recovery for HP ProLiant servers. No matter what level of RAID is involved or which ProLiant server you are using. Our disaster recovery department is equipped for all eventualities. Thanks to years of experience with HP servers and RAID systems, our engineers can recover data from servers. Since every hour and minute can

Raid Intel

Intel RAID data recovery

Digital Recovery specializes in Intel RAID data recovery. No matter which RAID level is involved and which RAID controller you are using. Our RAID laboratory is equipped for all eventualities. Thanks to years of experience in data recovery, our engineers can recover your important data. As every hour and minute can count, especially for companies, we have a specialized RAID


Data recovery after contact with water

We have seen in recent months how Rio Grande do Sul has been affected by heavy rains causing damage throughout the state, and this is an extremely worrying scenario. After heavy and persistent rains and the resulting floods, not only homes but also many businesses were affected by the consequences of the masses of water and mud. As a result,

Perda de dados em HD.

I’ve lost data. What should I do?

What do you do if your hard drive makes noises, is no longer recognized by the system or has been completely abandoned? Contrary to some opinions on the Internet, we do not recommend trying to repair the hard disk yourself. Even if you can find instructions for a do-it-yourself repair on the Internet, each case is special and requires individual


Database recovery and Lexware data recovery

Lost your Lexware database? We recover your deleted, encrypted or corrupted Lexware data! Have you lost access to your Lexware database due to a server failure, faulty data storage media or a ransomware attack? Is your database corrupt and you can no longer import it into your Lexware program? Then we can help you. We successfully recover deleted, encrypted or


Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.

Discover the invisible vulnerabilities in your IT – with the 4D Pentest from Digital Recovery